Conscious About Your Smile? Porcelain Veneers Might Help | Arlington Heights IL

porcelain veneers

If you feel self-conscious about your smile, you should consult your cosmetic dentist to explore your options for a smile makeover, including dental veneers. Porcelain veneers are thin layers of tooth-colored ceramic that are used to cover teeth in the smile zone that have defects such as chips, cracks, and stains. 

Dental veneers can be used to cover up many problems, giving you the perfect smile. Some instances where veneers can be used include:

  • Repair chipped teeth or severely worn teeth due to grinding 
  • Alter the shape of teeth to produce an even smile 
  • Fill gaps between your teeth that make you uncomfortable 
  • Replace old restorations 
  • Improve tooth alignment 

Veneers are also recommended to improve the appearance of stained or discolored teeth, where bleaching and other teeth whitening options are found to be ineffective. Different factors including lifestyle choice like smoking, diet options like coffee and wine, excessive fluoride intake, and childhood medications such as antibiotics can cause your teeth to stain or discolor, ruining your perfect smile. 

What if you’re not a good fit for veneers?

It’s only through a consultation that you can determine whether you’re a good candidate for dental veneers. Generally, you must have healthy teeth that are free of decay or active gum disease for the success of any dental procedure. 

Your dentist may consider other options besides veneers if you:

  • Suffer from bruxism. Patients who grind their teeth or clench their jaws are not good candidates for veneers, because the excessive forces may cause the thin veneers to chip, peel, or break 
  • Have bad habits, such as chewing on ice and other hard objects or biting your fingernails

If the dentist determines that you don’t have enough tooth left, perhaps due to excessive tooth wear or existing large restorations, and veneers are not suitable for your case, then a ceramic crown may be placed instead. Crowns or tooth caps wrap around the weakened tooth, protecting it while restoring its shape, size, and aesthetic. 

Dental veneers treatment requires less removal of the tooth enamel compared to crowns, and you may even be a candidate for no-prep veneers that are bonded to your tooth without shaving off any enamel. Please consult your cosmetic dentist for personalized assistance.  

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