3 Types of Dental Bridge To Know About

types of dental bridges

A dental bridge is a type of prosthesis that serves as a replacement for a missing tooth. Dental bridges come in different materials, which offer different benefits and serve different kinds of tooth loss.

The three types of dental bridge are:

  1. Traditional dental bridge
  2. Maryland bonded bridge
  3. Cantilever bridge

All types of dental bridge are used for tooth replacement but each one has specific properties that make it suitable for situations surrounded by particular circumstances.

The following factors will determine the type of dental bridge your dentist recommends for you:

1. Preference

The aesthetic results you want at the end of the procedure is vital in choosing a dental bridge for you. Front teeth, for instance, require an addition that blends in well with the rest of the teeth if you want to retain your natural look. That rules out traditional bridges and Maryland bonded bridges, which use crowns screwed on adjacent teeth to hold the prostheses in place.

2. Gap position

Dental bridges can be used to fill gaps on any part of your jaw. However, some types of bridges may not suit some situations due to the location of the gap. Traditional bridges, as pointed out above, may not be used to fill gaps that will involve front teeth due to their noticeability. Cantilever bridges, on the other hand, are not recommendable for gaps at the back of the mouth as bite pressure would likely cause breaking or weakening of the abutment tooth.

3. Adjacent tooth strength

The health and strength of adjacent teeth will dictate whether they can be reshaped and a crown placed on them. Traditional and cantilever dental bridges can only be used on gaps between healthy teeth.

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