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The Invisalign system is a new way to straighten your teeth and improve your smile without using metal wires and brackets. Instead, this innovative approach uses a series of clear, removable plastic trays to gradually move your teeth to the ideal position.

The clear aligners are virtually unnoticeable by other people, so no one knows that you’re undergoing treatment. Moreover, they’re removable, allowing you to continue enjoying your favorite foods and continue with your normal oral hygiene routine.

While the use of removable orthodontic devices is not a new thing, the Invisalign system uses revolutionary 3D computer imaging technology and 3D printing manufacturing to treat a wider range of orthodontic issues with greater precision. Unfortunately, not everyone can enjoy the benefits of the Invisalign orthodontic system.

To determine whether you’re a good candidate for Invisalign, you should ask yourself these three questions:

  1. How severe is my orthodontic issue?

Invisalign works best for less severe orthodontic problems, so it’s mostly recommended for mild to moderate cases of:

  • Crooked teeth
  • Overcrowded teeth
  • Protruding teeth
  • Mild overbites and underbites
  • Malocclusion – imperfect teeth position with mouth closed
  • Open bites
  • Wide gaps
  • Excessive overjets – overlap by central tooth
  • Crossbites

Most extreme orthodontic issues usually extend beyond having crooked teeth. For instance, the jaw may have shifted. While Invisalign aligners may move the crooked teeth, they won’t fix the underlying jaw problem, so another orthodontic treatment or complementary treatment is necessary.

  1. How old are you?

Invisalign is mostly recommended for adults or older teens. This is because the treatment can only be used for patient’s whose teeth and jaws have finished developing. As such, it’s not recommended for children and young teenagers.

  1. How motivated are you to improve your smile?

The Invisalign system uses removable aligners that must be worn for about 22 hours a day, every day for the entire duration of the treatment, which could be more than one year. The patient must be responsible and motivated enough to follow the directions:

  • Changing the aligners every two weeks
  • Wearing them for 20 – 22 hours a day
  • Removing the aligners when eating, cleaning the mouth, and perhaps participating in a sport.

Failure to follow the instructions can reverse the changes and cause the treatment to take longer and cost more.

Consult your Invisalign specialist today

Please consult with your orthodontist to determine whether Invisalign in Arlington Heights, CA is right for you, as well as any other necessary treatments for your case.

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